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 "We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass  

 I would be honored to walk with you on part of your journey.





















​           I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy. I have trained and worked as an advanced addictions counselor, clinical supervisor, clinical director, administrator, and as a human being.  


       I utilize various models of therapy including family systems, motivational interviewing, , dialectical-behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), trauma treatment, and relapse prevention.




    When I began counseling clients 

20 years ago, I knew that this would be my life's work, that I was at home in this effort.       Since then I have dedicated myself to developing the knowledge and skills in order to honor this profound gift. Being invited to serve as guide, fellow traveler and compassionate witness to another's journey continues to inspire and challenge me to bring my best self to every moment.  I help people bring their best self to this embrace and to celebrate this life.

Patrick Dowling, LPC

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